Listen for a queue to be added/removed/updated and trigger a webhook

I have a use case where I want to know whenever a queue has been edited, added or removed. I don’t want to query the asterisk.queues_config table to get this information. Is there a way to write a custom module and hook into this functionality since I don’t believe it exists as a core feature? I see a function called queues_hookProcess_core inside the queues extension that might give me what I need but I am not sure how to tie into this function from a custom module.

I don’t know much how the internal module plumbing works, but I found this, which doesn’t seem super helpful… Module Hooking - FreePBX OpenSource Project - Documentation

Any hook you write will do one thing when calling the queue core commands. It will pull information from queues_config database table.

Right now, without other details such as how you want to be notified of these changes (email, logging, GUI output) might require more than hooking into one module and/or writing code that doesnt exist.

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