List of Voicemail to Email Variables?

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I’m trying to customize my voicemail email subject, body, and from fields. I’m trying to find a list of all the variables I can use. The WIKI - ( seems to be out of date on this, as it lists a bunch of variables that don’t work, such as:

Available Variables:
{{STATUS}} - Either FAILED or SUCCESSFUL depending on if the notification was accepted or timed out.
{{CALLERID}} - The caller ID of the person who left the message.
{{MAILBOX}} - The mailbox number the voicemail was left in.
{{TIME}} - The date and time the message was left.
{{LENGTH}} - The length of the message in seconds.
{{ACCEPTEDBY}} - The phone number that accepted the call.
{{ID}} - The unique notification ID. This can be used to prevent e-mail clients from grouping unrelated messages by subject.
{{RETRY}} - The retry number the call reached before being accepted or timing out. This will be 0 if it was accepted on the first attempt.
{{PRIORITY}} - The last priority level the call reached before it was accepted or timed out.

Is there a place to find all the current variables?

I think you are confusing 2 things. That list their is for a module called VM Notify which is a commercial module. Has nothin to do with variables inside app_voicemail inside asterisk. Google that and you should find what you need.

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For anyone who finds this thread, I found the following VM_ variables on this wiki page:

${VM_CATEGORY} * Sets voicemail category
${VM_NAME} * Full name in voicemail
${VM_MAILBOX} * Mailbox Number
${VM_DUR} * Voicemail duration
${VM_MSGNUM} * Number of voicemail message in mailbox
${VM_CALLERID} * Voicemail Caller ID (Person leaving vm)
${VM_CIDNAME} * Voicemail Caller ID Name
${VM_CIDNUM} * Voicemail Caller ID Number
${VM_DATE} * Voicemail Date
${VM_MESSAGEFILE} * Path to message left by caller

Thanks for that. be sure, when looking things up on, that you look carefully at the version dates and/or dates on the article. Some of the stuff on there is still from version Asterisk 1.3. Because of that, some things aren’t always applicable to the more recent versions of Asterisk, and hence FreePBX.

I am not able to get anything out from ${VM_MESSAGEFILE}
I used it in my email template but its showing blank.