Linphone iOS Push notifications

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I am running RasPBX server.

I have two iPhones running Linphone, each on eis registered to the RasPBX server.

Everything works fine over my local network when the Linphone is not in the background.

If I leave the app or the iPhone is on the lock screen, I do not get alerts for incoming calls.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do receive push notifications about incoming calls?


I run into a similar problem with Zoiper a while back, (well more to do with battery consumption, zoiper works fine in the background) perhaps some clues in


Zoiper’s solution is a subscription per phone and a script running on Asterisk or Freeswitch that generates the push notifications to the handserts, It’s freefor a while but I didn’t buy it. on android it worked well

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ZoIPer is no longer free for business use, but it was always my go to before the license change.

Linphone has never worked as good for me in the background.

I am really lookkng forward to seeing how Zulu works.

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