Linksys SPA2102 or any similar VoIP gateway device?


I am playing with RasPBX and have a trunk to GSM network via GSM dongle. Now I am thinking to create another trunk, to PSTN.

I an quite new to this, but I have found some Linksys SPA2102 modules on AliExpress. Is that the right device or can you recommend something cheaper?

My requirement is that the device should support SIP-over-TCP, that is why I have chosen this SPA2102 over PAPT2 (the latter seems to support only UDP connections - or am I wrong?).

The SPA2102 connects phones with an analog interface, such as traditional landline phones or cordless phone bases to VoIP. This interface is known as FXS (Foreign Exchange Station).

Such devices cannot connect to an analog phone line, such as a copper pair from a central office or the jack on an adapter supplied by your ISP. For that, you need an FXO (Foreign Exchange Office) interface.

Devices with a single FXO interface include Grandstream HT813 (current) or HT503 (old), Cisco/Linksys SPA3102 (old) or SPA3000 (really old), and Obihai OBi212 (current) or OBi110 (old).

There are also devices with multiple FXO interfaces (for systems with more than one line), but these are likely to be more expensive.

You might consider an inexpensive SIP trunking service instead. What country are you in?

Thank you very much for the qualification!

I live in Europe, but I do not need SIP trunking, I would just like to connect my own PBX to PSTN line. It is more like a hobby project for me.

Do you have recommendation for some other cheap Chinese clone of FXO? Because I have found some items on eBay, but the sellers are not sending to my country…

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