Linksys PAP2 dialplan

I have a Linksys PAP2 connected to freepbx with the default dial plan:

When I call internal externsions (1 or 2 digits) the dial is extremly slow. What is the correct dial plan to immediately dial 1 or 2 digit, and to I can also dial out 4, 10, 11 digit numbers?

You can’t do that. The ATA cannot read your mind and know that you are not going to enter a third digit. You’d have to define something like # ends the number, and explicitly key that, or set a short timeout between second first and second and second and third digits, if that is possible.

Traditional numbering plans would not have this problem, as the number length would be known based on the first digit.

It looks like # to end the number is a standard feature.

I can’t see how your dialplan would actually work with 1 and two digit numbers other than 0 and 00, as there doesn’t seem to an entry that matches, so I’d expect the number to be rejected, after the the long timeout, and not sent at all. It looks like you might want patterns like xS1 and xxS1, to reduce the short timeout to one second and apply it after one and two digit numbers.

It does look like you are using a numbering structure that is not compatible with the default, so you really need to go to the administration guide and do the whole thing from first principles.

Is there any way to decrease the delay, waiting for the next digit?

The S and L modifiers and I think you can also change the 3 and 10 second defaults:


I’m using however, be warned, it has an expired certificate, so use at your own risk.

Thank you!

Ideally, you would set the dial plan for your country, so the SPA recognizes when you have dialed a complete domestic number and sends the call immediately. (International calls will either have a delay, typically four seconds, or you can press # after the number to send it immediately.)

When dialing another extension, you would either need to press # or wait for a delay, which could be perhaps two or three seconds, since a person would be unlikely to pause for long after the first one or two digits of an external call. Or, if you are willing to renumber your extensions so they don’t conflict with the national dial plan, there would be no delay.

Based on your previous posts, I guessed that the system is in Hungary. However:

According to

Hungary has 3-digit (emergency and other special codes), 6- or 7-digit (local), 10-digit (out-of-area landlines) and 11-digit (mobile) numbers. There are none with four digits.

Please explain.

Yes, I’m in Hungary, we have 4 digit numbers, for example telephone companies, governmental numbers.

Can you still dial local numbers as 7 digits (without the 06 and area code)?
What is the range of 4-digit assigned numbers?
What are your extension numbers?

I believe that the 4-digit numbers all start with 1. Here is a first cut at a dial plan for HU.
There should be no delays except for 3-digit numbers other than 112 and 10x, and international.
You will need to add entries for your extension ranges.
Let us know of any bugs.

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