Linksys (Cisco?) SPA941 refuses to register to FreePBX. Have some syslog output

No sign of the phone in the FreePBX logs at all (did a search on the IP)

So as I understand it these phones are too old to do PJSIP. So I’m having it register using chan SIP.

The SIP port on my FreePBX box is 5160, not 5060. I’ve told the linksys this but the syslog output is a bit weird… (IP changed just to be paranoid)

I successfully have Digium D50s and D40s connected to this FreePBX instance - I suspect it’s got something to do with them connecting with PJSIP and this Linksys using chan SIP?

As you can see in the logs, it looks like it’s trying to connect to 5060?

Any ideas?


PJSIP is just a driver that’s used by asterisk to generate SIP packets. The phone won’t know if asterisk is using chan_sip or pjsip.

If you stay with chan_sip, put :5160 after the address in Proxy and leave Outbound Proxy blank.

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that sorted it! thank you!!

Out of interest would the phone support PJSIP?

SIP is SIP. It would work with PJSIP.

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