Linking presence between Bria Enterprise and FreePBX

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We have a FreePBX v15 box with 30 PJSIP extns, around half of which also have Bria Enterprise accounts allowing them to access their extn on mobile and desktop. We would like to integrate the presence functions and would like the ability so that if a Bria user selects any of the available presence statuses that these are replicated on the presence withing Asterisk / FreePBX. Is this at all possible?

I have managed to get as far as Bria Enterprise authenticating against the Asterisk / FreePBX XMPP server as you can see on the Stretto and Bria XMPP Status screenshots however any selection on Bria is not replicated on Asterisk and vice versa. I notice the options are different so there may need to be some mapping required here. Should you have any advice I will be very grateful.

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