Linking Connectwise with FreePBX

(Pieter) #1

I would like to be able to click to call from within the ConnectWise app.
I registered the Customer Relationship Management Link module and created the API keys in ConnectWise. It appears to connect but the users show as None.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

(Shahin Nazir) #2

Hi @PieterS
Pls try to check below FreePBX Wiki Page.

I think you should add Your PBX IP address or FQDN name in CRM module.



(Pieter) #3

Thanks Shahin,
I have tried with and without. According to the instructions the URL is for linkbacks.
Any other ideas?

(Itzik) #4

Although we use ConnectWise we never used it to integrate the click to call.
Can you post a picture of what your are referring to?

(Pieter) #5

Hi Itzik,
We use Zulu with FreePBX and ConnectWise for our CRM. The Chrome Zulu plugin allows us to call from Chrome but we want to be able to click to call from the ConnectWise app. We added the CRM link to FreePBX. In ConnectWise you then go to the Member area and create a new API Member and then generate a public and private key. This then needs to be added to the CRM Setup in FreePBX. As you can see in the image, the API connects fine but it should show the API Member name that was created in ConnectWise and it doesn’t. I’ve gone over the documentation many times but cannot figure out why not.

(Adolfo) #6

Hi @PieterS, I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago in Sept and had to open a ticket with Sangoma commercial module support.
What ended up being the problem was the sangomacrm module needed to be the EDGE release. This may have been pushed out to production now?

Sangoma Support issued the following commands to my deployment:
fwconsole ma downloadinstall sangomacrm --edge
fwconsole reload
fwconsole ma upgradeall
fwconsole crm -u -f
fwconsole crm -d
fwconsole reload
fwconsole m
fwconsole crm -f
fwconsole crm -d
fwconsole m
fwconsole ma upgradeall
fwconsole reload

I’m not sure what the module switches -u -f -d do, but wanted to include that just in case.

(Pieter) #7

Adolfo, you are a legend!
That worked beautifully.
The -u and -f switch combination force the user cache update.
The -d switch just displays the cache.
fwconsole m is used to run sql queries so that and everything below it was not required.
Thank you so much.

Kind Regards,

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