Linked pbx problem

I’ve connected both pbx through IAX
My problems are the following.
I can call an ext on pbx 2 from pbx 1, but not the opposite.
We only have 1 main number that goes on pbx1 IVR. How can someone call in and dial an ext from pbx2?
pbx1 ext: 3xxx
pbx2 extL 4xxx

PBX 1 trunk config:
host=pbx2 public IP

Pbx2 trunk config:
host=PBX1 public IP


P.S. I’ve fw port 4569 on both fwalls

If you look in reports>asterisk info>peers what does it say for the status of the IAX in each of the servers?
You need an outbound route in each box for the extensions in the other.

Let me see if I understand your question, but first, let me run through the givens:

  1. You are sure that your PBXes are connecting and registering with each other.
  2. You can dial 4xxx from any extension on PBX-1 and get through to the extension on PBX-2.
  3. You cannot dial 3xxx from any extension on PBX-2 and get through to the extension on PBX-1.
  4. You are not trying to dial the POTS number for PBX-1 from the extensions on PBX-2.
  5. If you dial a POTS number from any extension on either PBX, you can place a call and it works.

The part about the IVR seems important (since you mentioned it) but I don’t see how you expect that to do anything.

From your description, it sounds like you are trying to use PBX-1 as your outbound trunk.

What do you have set up for outbound routes? I’d expect your dial patterns on PBX-2 to match your ISP dialing rules AND to include 3xxx as possible destinations. Similarly, I’d expect two outbound routes on PBX-1, one for the 4xxx numbers and the other for your local dialing rules.

That’s just a guess, let us know if that helps.

Ok, don<t know what i did, but now both side show unreachable in tha iax info.
Trunk name on pbx1 is pbx2 as is the username in the peer settings in pbx2
Truck name on pbx2 is pbx1 as is the username in peer settings in pbx1
Is the secret relevant? How does it validate it?
I now get a message that all lines are busy, but other routes work.
Log shows "WARNING[15170][C-000001c3]: app_dial.c:2437 dial_exec_full: Unable to create channel of type ‘IAX2’ (cause 20 - Subscriber absent)"
Anyway, i’ll have to figure out why it’s no longer working.

pbx1 has a route 4xxx that uses iax trunk pbx2
pbx2 has route 3xxx that uses iax trunk pbx1
Both assumptions 3&4 where right as of last week,
PBX 2 doesn’t have an outbound trunk for local calls yet, it just has the intra company route 3xxx

When i get calling from both side to work again i want to ba able to call our main # that is linked to PBX1 and dial an extention that is on pbx 2. Thats’ just for incoming calls to our main IVR.

usually means that the remote server is not registered.

Connect to your Asterisk server’s command line and enter “iax2 show peers”

Unreachable on both sides, i did however fw the ports on my fwalls (even if it’s not needed)
I can ping pbx2’s external IP, Wan on pbx1’s doesn’t allow ping from external.

I deleted the trunks and recreated them.
Now with iax2 show peers, i get unmonitored on both end.
Still can’t call extentions.