Link to avaya ip office by h323

hello all. I am new to freepbx. I mange to setup some sip extensions in softphone. now I want to link the freepbx 2.9 with avaya ip office by ip trunk. I have been through all those settings but no luck

Asterisk h.323 module works fine with Avaya office. FreePBX does not have a module so you must build your trunk in the h323.conf file and then use the custom extension type in FreePBX.

could let me how can I build a h323 trunk. Can you spost some working format here
thak you

Do you have the chan_ooh323 installed? If so you should have a sample conf file.

Also if you search the keywords ‘Avaya, Asterisk and h.323’ you will find several examples.


I got the IP link working between avaya ip office and asterisk with ooh323.conf module. Now if i call any extension from avaya to asterisk it works fine. But from asterisk to avaya the phones rings i when i pickup the handset calls dropped immedialty. Any help


Please guide me how do i proceed for integration with Avaya Ip office PBX with third party application. Here we are using PHP Language for this. please any help me or guide if it is have a possible ways and suggestions.

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