Link telegram bot to freepbx trunks

Hello I am trying to link my telegram Bot that makes calls using commands to send the calls to my FreePBX using http get post rest api I have crm module but I don’t have a way to get external call info and send it to the FreePBX from my telegram using http curl get post

telegram @cookiescashing if you can help please willing to pay! If you have done this before or know what to do NEED ASAP

Need something like this

curl -X POST . /v2/texml/calls/{connection_id} \

–data-urlencode “To=+13121230000” \

–data-urlencode “From=+13120001234” \

–data-urlencode “” \

–data-urlencode “StatusCallback=” \

–data-urlencode “MachineDetection=Enable” \

–data-urlencode “DetectionMode=Regular” \

–data-urlencode “AsyncAmd=false” \

–header “Authorization: Bearer APIAuthKey_fromPortal”

.Telnyx docs can’t post links /docs/api/v2/call-control/TeXML-Translator#initiate-texml-call

Using Plivo currently but need to use my trunks from FreePBX please someone

Look into the below as potential options. The call file maker is not an API but is a very straightforward way to make calls happen.

Asterisk REST Interface (ARI) - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

AMI Examples - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

Asterisk Call Files - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

GitHub - Stell0/apicall-freepbx: FreePBX module to make call using rest API

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