Link Asterisknow FreePBX with Mitel 3300 help!

Good community, I hope and help me with this configuration, I need to link my FreePBX with my Mitel 3300 phone board, where I could start, in advance thanks

I need this since my mitel 3300 is running without trunks the license that I have is for only 100 and the company demands more then the solution that I have been seeing is with the trunk that I have left to link my freepbx with my physical slate to have more extensions , if I am wrong, please rectify me. I am new in this world and I want to learn what is most important, all the criticisms and aids are well received,

greetings to all

The answer is going to depend largely on the configuration of the Mitel 3300.

What options does your Mitel have? Can you connect SIP trunks? PRI? T1? E1? There are lots of ways to interconnect the devices, but without more information, we’re not going to really be able to help you.

the connection I want to establish is sip trunk, if you need another type of information, please let me know

and thanks for answer me

On the Mitel (which I have zero experience with) you’ll need to establish a SIP trunk to connect the FreePBX system to. On the FreePBX system, you’ll need to set up a SIP trunk for the Mitel system.

After that, you’re going to have to configure the Mitel system to send calls to the extensions on the FreePBX server, and send calls from the FreePBX server out to the commercial PSTN.

The hard part (for me, at least) is setting up the Mitel system since I have no idea how to do any of that stuff. Search back through the Discussion Forum. While it might have come up with Mitel, the same question has been asked many times about other systems.

Follow this discussion. It’s basically the same (yours is Mitel and his is Avaya, but the processes and concepts are the same).

thank you I will look and comment