Line Disconnect instead of Hold

FreePBX v.15 using Sangoma S505…I have the first three buttons assigned as lines. A call comes in and is answered. The second line rings and when I push the button, it answers but puts the first line on hold and I need it to disconnect the call. Can someone point me in the right direction as to where, if it is possible, the setting might be to do this. Thanks.

This is normal, and how every SIP phone works by default.

I am sure some brand has a setting for this, but I have never been asked to look

What is the use case? Tell people to hang up before answering. This is no different than the cell phone in their pocket.

This system is for a radio station. They have some programs during the day where they ask listeners to call in and these calls come in rapid succession. They do not hang up after each line is answered, they just press the next line button to take the next call. Other PBX systems disconnect the trunk call when another line is selected, but FreePBX puts the line on hold. I just wanted to know if there is a setting that can change this action. Thanks.

This is not a FreePBX feature, it’s a phone feature. You can open a phone ticket and ask if such a feature is available. There are thousands of P codes that control phone behavior, what you’re asking for has not been documented. Be prepared to be disappointed, to my knowledge, nobody else is asking for this.

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