Limiting call length

Hi Guys,

FreePBX distro 5.211.65-21

Our SIP trunk provider limits call duration to 2 hours. We have had instances of long support calls with vendors that have gone over this 2 hour limit. The provider will remove this for us but it is either 2 hours or no limit at all. I am uncomfortable completely removing the limit (unknown vulnerability or hanging trunk and huge bill) but would like it to be longer than 2 hours. I’ve read that we can limit call duration within Asterisk/FreePBX. Reaching out to try and determine what is the best way, best practices, to implement this in the FreePBX distro. Thanks for any advice in advance!


Under the trunk config, see the option “Asterisk Trunk Dial Options”. You can specify an option that will limit outbound call duration, look up Dial option L. I’m not sure how to limit duration for inbound calls.

Thanks for the reply Igaetz! Just now getting back to this. I have made the edits to the trunk dial options. Guess I have to wait on the next half day conference call to test!