Limited to 15 minute increments in Page Pro Scheduler?

I would like to use the Page Pro Scheduler to replace our broken bell system in our Manufacturing facility. Many of our break times and shift changes happen at x:05, X:10, X:25, X:50. These times are not available in the scheduler. Only 15 minute increments. Is there a way to enable all times as options for the scheduler?

Paging Pro
Asterisk Version: 13.14.0



It is a commercial module. Have you submitted an “Issues” ticket for an enhancement?

No, I thought I would check with the community first to see if I was missing something or configuring wrong. Am I observing standard Paging Pro operation, then? And should I go ahead and submit an “Issues” ticket for an enhancement?

The dropdown shows time increments, but you can modify the time selected to whatever you wish.

Well, there you go. My “new thing” for today.

When I type in a “custom” time, then click out, it changes back to the closest 15 min increment.

OK nevermind. You are correct. I was hitting enter after changing the time instead of clicking out. My bad. THANK YOU for the help!!

I have a client that had problems with Page pro doing what he wanted. I ended up using a cron job to run his bells as desired.