Limit who can call a particular extension

I have an extension (222) that I want to limit to only be able to receive calls from three extensions (301, 302, & 303). I want to prevent other extensions in the company from being able to call 222. I don’t know what the term for this is otherwise I would have searched for it.

The systems is running FreePBX 13 and Yealink VoIP phones.

COS does not limit ext to ext calls.

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There are a couple of requests for this every year. The last time, the guy that asked ended creating a custom context that checked a list of extensions against the calling extension before allowing the call to go through and routed the call to another destination on failure. I can’t find the post, but it was last Spring. Good luck.

That’s not possible, unfortunately. However, if you’re willing to take some liberty with what an ‘Extension’ is, and purchase the commercial Class of Service module, you can simulate that.

Basically, Change 222’s extension to be something random. For example, 8675309.

Then create a ring group of 222, which only contains 8675309. Now, when people call 222, they will actually be calling 8675309.

All you need to do then is go to 8675309 and change it’s CallerID number to be 222, so that when it calls out, people think the Caller ID is 222.

Now, here comes the commercial bit - Buy Class of Service, and only allow those extensions to call the 222 ring group.

Thanks Rob, i originally said COS because i remember we did it with that, i went now to take a look at that system to find a similar setup what you described. So yeah, i shouldn’t have jump on it before actually double checking how it works. My apologies.

@Beachtech i believe @cynjut was talking about this post. Note: i did not try it to see if it’s actually working…

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