Limit voicemail storage?

does anyone have any tips to limit voicemail storage by number of message, total time used or age?

thank you

Under the exten tab at the bottom you have VM options (use the mouse over info)
I do not know the flags but there are a few of them to set limits on lenght and such.


Lists the options. I have review=yes|minmessage=1|maxmsg=100 in the vm options field.

However after putting this option in there is no notice telling me I have X amount of free messages remaining or the like so I am not sure when you are notified? I put the option down to 25 when I had 28 messages in the box and it still didnt trigger anything.

Also this doesn’t address size or age.

Thank you for the response though


As for as I know there is no way to limit the size and age of the stored VM

We have a cron job running which does the vm clean once a week (sunday)

the script takes the files and renames them with the exten number and the time stamp of the file, at some point the script tar’s up the files and moves them to the NAS box.

The linux guy had put in the space quotas but that cause more issues than we needed (people could leave VM it just did not write it). bit files…

So we move them off the boxes once a week.
Some of the VM boxes are copied over and stored on seprate box with ARI so the BIG BOSS can have his voice mail for MONTHS using the ARI interface.

Thanks for the info

However you would think with the standard option maxmessage implemented that it would actually do something different?