Limit to file sharing size in Zulu Desktop App?

Is there a file sharing size limit to sharing documents via the Zulu desktop app?

Hi @mvogel4949
Zulu Desktop file send limitation it depends your server PHP.ini file configuration. Normally this file should be 2M but you can increase to 10 or 100MB. in PHP.ini file you need to edit and change 2 settings. There is a post_max_size and upload_max_filesize

if you want to upload large files, you must increase both limits.

post_max_size is the maximum size for all POST body data. It doesn’t matter if you’re POSTing JSON or your DVD collection, this is all POST body data. Your file upload counts towards this limit. You should also be aware that if you are uploading multiple files, the total file size has to fit within this limit.

upload_max_filesize is a maximum size only for files that are POSTed. Other types of POST body data are not subject to this limit.

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