Limit the ring time or limit the dial time

When one extension calls another one, it seems to ring for ever ( at least 10 times, and more than 2 minutes)

How can I limit the extension to ring only 6 times or ring only 1 minutes ? If the extension doesn’t answer within 6 times( or within 1 minute), hang up the phone, not to call the extension any more!

How can I do it?

I checked the dialplan, but there is a lot of Macro, I can’t figure out what it really does! And I can’t find the dial() application too!

How can I complete my goal?

First of all, what is the “Ringtime Default” you have set in your General Settings? That should be default limit for ringing on all extensions that have voicemail.

But I assume you have extensions with no voicemail set up, so the easiest answer is, for each such extension create a Follow-Me. In the Follow-Me List put only that extension’s number (unless you WANT to ring more than one extension). You will note you can set your desired “Ring Time (max 60 sec)”, set that as you like - one ring cycle is about six seconds so six rings would be about 36 seconds.

Then pick a destination if no answer - you have several choices to pick from; something should meet your needs.

oh,can anybody hellp?

huh? wiseoldowl just gave you the using the web gui only perfect solution. follow the directions and you are done.

I don’t see a solution to setting a time limit on ringing an extension that does not have voicemail defined for it.

If you think you really need to have it and can’t work with the given solution then file a bug report and ask for it to be addressed.

But it will be a up hill battle as the phone system as it’s defined acts just like a regular system. If you don’t have a answering machine or voicemail service on a home POTS line and I call it it will ring for a VERY long time and not drop the call (I tried and waited 10 minutes before I got sick of listening to it ring and hung up). So what you are asking for is not a standard thing.

I’ll also tell you that one minute is way to short (it’s a time based setting in the dial command not ring count based). If I was given a phone without voicemail and my wife (my kids school, etc) NEEDED to get a hold of me due to a emergency and the phone system hung up after one minute before I could possibly get to it, it would really piss me off.

But you might have a environment that needs it and then it’s justified.

You can always purchase some support and ask the nice development crew for FreePBX to address the issue in a quick and timely manner. It’s not a quick one line simple fix as the end macro that makes the call has to handle all the call types so while I could say change this one thing and it will work for that specific situation it WILL break those extensions with voicemail, follow me defined, etc.

Thank you,fskrotzki and wiseoldowl! Thank you very much for you help!

I am very for not seeing wiseoldowl’s reply when I said “oh,can anybody hellp?”. I am not familiar with the forum, so I didn’t notice it. Very sorry about it.

I tried the way “follow me” as wiseoldowl provided. It really works! Thank you very much!

Thank you again ! You two gay ary very kind!