Limit on the length of a call from ext to ext?

Hello, I have a problem where I’m trying to call an extension from my extension. But the other extension is on another state from mine.

What I did anted to know is there a way to limit the call from ext to ext?


You mean to deny the calls to trunks?
You’ve got Class of Service module which can help you.
Otherwise you can create a custom context allowing what you want to do within this context.

It’s mostly extension to Extension calls. Not incoming or outgoing calls.

Then the locations are irrelevant. It is an internal call. Being in a different state doesnt matter.

Hey Dicko, Where do I add this at? I figure the most part of it.

Action: AbsoluteTimeout
Channel: 104
Timeout: 3600

  • ActionID - ActionID for this transaction. Will be returned.
  • Channel - Channel name to hangup.
  • Timeout - Maximum duration of the call (sec).

The timeout is the seconds until it needs to hangup. The the Channel name I guess that is the Extension number. But what is the Action ID for? Also again not sure where to place this at?


Probably easiest in one of the appropriate ‘pre-dial hook’

exten => s,n,Set(TIMEOUT(absolute)=3600)


Not to sound like a total Noob Which I’m still somewhat. But where is the pre-dial hook at? I have never done one before.

Edit: I’m just trying to set a timer for Extension 106, That’s all for 30 minutes.


( How do I do X on every local call)

Thank you dicko. I’m looking into it. I can not try this into monday When I get home. Any problems. I will update this post. again thank you to the whole community.


Just keep in mind that this setting is applied when the channel is created, not when the call is answered. So this is the life time of the channel, not the actual call. You could look at the L option for Dial() and use that in the extensions Dial Options.

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