Limit number of registrations per device

I am in the process of upgrading a manual Freepbx 16 install to an ISO/distro install of FreePBX 16.

I have a multi-line phone with three different extensions.

With the manual install, I was able to establish 3 different PJSIP extensions to 3 different line keys. Unfortunately, the distro version of Freepbx 16, I cannot have all 3 extensions register. My credentials are valid as I can enable a single key, and each extension will register and work properly. However I cannot enable all three to register.

I reduced enabling to two keys and the same result, only one will register. Doesn’t matter with key position either. So I am fairly confident the phone is configured correctly.

Was there a new setting or added plug-in introduced in the distro that limits the total number of registrations per device? Or maybe some switch enabled or firewall setting that stops the registration?


Can’t think of anything, but this is easy to rule out by temporarily disabling the firewall service in Connectivity → Firewall.

Assuming signaling is not encrypted, fire up sngrep and watch the REGISTER packets coming from the phone.

Thanks for responding.

I dug into the phone provisioning configurations further and removed the entry for UserAgentPort from each line and it all worked. I’m sure you know why it prevents registration for more than one extension, but it definitely did the trick.

Anyway, problem solved.

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