Limit for raspberry pi

I have an office with 10 phones and 10 incoming lines and using free pbx at the moment.

Are there any restrictions on the number of telephones and incoming lines in raspberry pi and FreePBX and I can without difficulty moving to raspberry pi?

I would never use raspberry pi for a real office setup. You are asking for problems.

I’ve been running Asterisk on the pi for just over a year now with no issues at all. Granted I haven’t done anything too complex (1 DID, with voicemail and music on hold).

I’m honestly curious where I’d likely run into problems if I were to move the device to my wife’s small office (would need to be able to handle 2 DIDs and 5 channels, but otherwise there’s nothing fancy required). From what I’ve read the Pi can handle 10 simultaneous calls before the audio quality starts to degrade.

I think the figures I’ve seen invoke a practical limit of about 10 channels, since calls will generally require at least 2 channels each, I think you’re practically limited to 3 or so phones and a couple of inbound while allowing for a bit of headroom. You’re saying 5 channels? Are you saying 5 extensions? Channels and extensions are different. I think you’d be running the RAS right at its limit.


My bad – I meant 6 channels. They’ve got 5 incoming lines from the phone company right now all set to ring the same extension, but I don’t think they’ve ever had more than 3 calls going at once nor do they have the staff to answer more than 3 at a time.

Still, you’re right at the limit of what the RAS can do.