Limit concurrent calls in/out over multiple trunks

Hi all,

I have recently configured a FreePBX installation with two trunks. One is used for basic landline numbers and the other for mobiles.

The config is as follows:

  • 8 lines in/out total
  • 2 trunks (4 lines each)
  • 1 outbound route which directs mobiles to trunk 1 and landlines to trunk 2

I’d like to split the lines equally between two departments. My questions is then: is there a way to restrict the total number of lines available for use by a specific set of extensions on a given trunk? Ideally both departments would then have access to 2 lines from either trunk.

I’ve had a look around online and in the documentation and haven’t been able to find any references to restricting active lines on the trunk rather than the outbound route itself.

I did think of creating multiple instances of the trunk and limiting the concurrent lines in each config. I’ve read about directing specific extensions to different outbound routes, but it appears the trunk providers don’t allow multiple registrations using the same credentials.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.