Limit concurrent calls for an inbound route

Hi. I am running FreePBX 2.10.
I need to limit max concurrent calls versus certain DIDs.
In the inbound route it seems to be impossible.
call-limit of the trunk is not the right place because there are several DIDs on the same trunk.

How do you think i can do this? I would like max 2 concurrent calls versus certain DIDs, the third must be “busy”.

Thanks for any suggestion. Peo

I suggest you follow the directions on configuring max inbound calls. It is in the tooltip for the field in your trunk.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Max inbound calls impact on the sip trunk, not onto the inbound route, is it right?
On the same trunk i’ve >100 numbers. I need to control the concurrency on the single DID from within Freepbx.
Am i ignoring something basic??

You can’t do that unless your provider will send some identifying info in the trunk with each DID that can be matched by Asterisk SIP trunk parameters.

You would still need 100 trunks.

This would also be a pain to script because you would have to maintain call state on 100 DID or do a lookup of active calls on every call. Not pretty either way.

What about redirecting calls to a custom trunk in some way? Custom trunk can have be max calls set. But don’t know if possible manage in this way.

Hi Peo,

Yes its possible. I am doing the same thing. I have a PBX with 1 E1 link and 5 DIDs. I wanted to limit the calls to 1 DID to 10 inbound channels. So to achieve this i had a new PBX and sent calls from the DID to the interPBX trunk. On the trunk i defined the channel limit.

So if there is 11th Call, caller will get a message that “This call is not allowed”. I need to find out the way to change the message as it dosent look professional but still i am able to achieve what i wanted.

Hope this tip can help you. Let me know if you get a way to change the message.