Limit calls depend on number

Hi, Situation is like so:
1 number is reception, everybody can call it and it can call everybody
2. rest numbers are guests each guest can call only reception, and IVRs
3. Guest should be able to allow other one to call him over IVR

all numbers are pjsip ones

How to setup such system? i go thrue menus but I can’t find any place where i can tell ok this number can call only…
I’m ok with doing it in asterisk configs

There is a commercial module Class of Service, but it does not support extension to extension blocking. Other than that, I am not aware of any module that does anything similar or close to this .

You have two options (both are custom dialplans…).

  1. Put these phones in a custom context, write a dialplan which will do the checks, andif allowed, you will send the call to from-internal,${EXTEN},1
  2. Use the predial hook to do the check. See: Hooking for fun and income

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