Limit call duration for internal calls only, not external: problems with IVRs

Good morning, first post, FreePBX beginner here (version 12, if that matters), so be easy :slight_smile:

I need to limit the duration to 2 minutes for internal calls only, while leaving those to/from external numbers unrestricted.

To achieve this, I opened Settings => Advanced settings => Asterisk Dial Options, which by default is set to Ttr, and added L(120000:120000:0)
So it now reads TtrL(120000:120000:0) and effectively limits calls duration to 120 seconds.

The thing is that external inbound calls first land to an IVR, at which the caller usually dials the desired extension, and then I’m afraid it gets considered an internal call, like one that takes place between the IVR and an extension, so in fact despite being an external one, it still gets truncated after 120 seconds.

Just for completeness’ sake, Settings => Advanced settings => Asterisk Outbound Trunk Dial Options is still set to the default “Tt” value, so that the external calls should in theory not get hung up after the timeout.

Any ideas about how to get around that?

The only way I can think of doing this is with a custom dialplan hook that checks the CID of the calling party and sets TIMEOUT(absolute) as appropriate. Hooking for fun and income

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