Licensed commercial module not fetching updates

This morning, I renewed my upgrade license for the “Phone Apps” module on a server

Then, I went to system admin > Activation > Update Activation.
on both the portal.sangoma, and in the system activation page, its showing that I have upgrade support for the PhoneApps module until 2023.

but when I go to module admin > Check Online (standard, extended, commercial), its not pulling the latest.
only option I have is to force reinstall (the bad one)
my other server, with the same “in support” license, shows 15.0.23

Whats missing here?
how can I tell my “Licensed for upgrades” server to fetch license-required upgrade for this vulnerable app?

Rest Apps
Expiration Date 2045-10-01 (Updates and support until 2023-03-11)

There is something cached that is delaying showing the update. You can force it from the command line with

fwconsole ma downloadinstall restapps

why wouldnt fwconsole ma upgrade restapps work?

also, no joy.

Module restapps version successfully installed

I don’t want the vulnerable 15.0.19… I want the newest.

is there a way to view or clear that cache?

fwconsole ma downloadinstall restapps --tag 15.0.23

Unable to update module restapps - 15.0.23, it does not exist:

@lgaetz it makes sense it wouldnt list the upgrade before (when upgrades weren’t licensed), but now that I bought the upgrade license, (and yes, I did a fwconsole reload), it “Should” be searching and upgrading, no?

What is output of

 fwconsole setting MODULE_REPO

fwconsole setting MODULE_REPO
Setting of “MODULE_REPO” is (text)[]

I can say that every time I have had a module expire and then renewed it I have had to wait 24+ hours before I have been able to update the module after renewing it. It is an issue that I hope Sangoma will fix one day.

@sholinaty time for a support ticket, i can’t see any reason why an upgrade should be blocked based on what I see here. How To Open A Support Ticket - Sangoma Portal/Store - Documentation

@nortelvoip you can upgrade modules immediately after licensing changes provided you update the activation manually and take steps to bypass any module admin cache using downloadinstall.

What kind of category would you recommend?
I’m not paying for support credits to unlock the ability to use a module that I just Paid for…

Per the linked reference


I have the same issue everytime I renew maintenance on a module. I have to wait 12-24h before the updated version becomes available in module admin. It has always been like that for me, and on multiple systems.

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ticket #1030317 is open.

This may be true, but there should really be a way to use fwconsole ma updateall immediately after paying without having to go the long way around.

as others had suggested - after 24 hours, it magically started working.

I will update my ticket (which still has no response…) to reflect this, as this is a problem. Paying for upgrades should immediately give you access to those upgrades.

There’s a new flag when using fwconsole called --ignorecache that should resolve this issue. I don’t know which framework version it was added, but it’s present in framework versions 15.0.23 and 16.0.19

[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole ma --help


  -f, --force              Force operation (skips dependency and status checks) <warning>WARNING:</warning> Use at your own risk, modules have dependencies for a reason!
  -d, --debug              Output debug messages to the console (be super chatty)
      --edge               Download/Upgrade forcing edge mode
      --ignorecache        Ignore cache
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wont help :frowning:
Response received from support:

We had earlier opened a similar case with engineering, and they clarified the behavior:

There is a script that runs every day at night that pulls the license information from Sangoma Portal to the mirror server where the licenses are pulled from FreePBX. That’s probably the time frame you see of waiting 24 hours to really see the licenses, but is actually running every night.

If you buy the license using FreePBX it should be reflected immediately but if you use Sangoma Portal, you will need to wait for the script to run to get those updated.

so tldr: they arent going to look at updating it so that you can get what you paid for same-day.

Regardless of what shows in your support ticket, I have an internal engineering ticket requesting someone else to test and attempt to repro. I’m unable to reproduce this myself.