License Check Not Downloading License for Paid Commercial Modules

I have FreePBX Xtreme 100 Appliance purchased directly from Schmooze. Two days ago I purchased the Commercial Endpoint Manager as well as a second license for the iSymphony Client. I am clicking the “Check” button on the license page of the System Admin and it is NOT downloading the new licenses. The license check worked before when I first bought the iSymphony Server license back in January.

I opened a ticket with Schmooze yesterday but it doesn’t appear anyone has looked at the ticket yet so I decided to post here incase someone might know the solution.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Did you get the approval email from Schmooze on your order?

Yep, I got both approval emails. The order # on them matches the two new orders on my invoice/orders page and the deployment id on those orders match the deployment id on the FreePBX server.

Strange. You might want to check your default gateway and DNS settings (if you haven’t already). Can you ping

Gateway and DNS settings are triple checked and working. I can resolve to from the Linux command line of the PBX. I can even telnet to port 80 and manually send an http request from the Linux command line of the PBX. The “Check” button on the license page still doesnt’ work, though.

Got it to work! I had to reset my ZenID in the portal. Once I did that the license downloaded immediately when I hit the check button.