Hello FPBX & al .

I am little worried why probably all the modules

have been programmed in updates in order to address any licencing.

Its seem that I understand there is hardcoding on the modules for licences.

I would like to know if its not a secret and I do not want to be subversive or pejorative, why free modules have been updated to address maybe licencing.

What if in a future, good old stable programs would be disabled?

The above line is what I see althoe I do not think that would occur…



There has been recent changes to allow proper recognition and of and information for licences. All modules are licensed weather free or otherwise.


thank you.


On top of that the modules have always been licensed. Licensing does not mean “you have to pay”.

It also has nothing to do with zend ID or commercial module licensing. Licensing in this case is not about getting a hardware ID lock.

Please read more about software licensing here: