Letting users access call recordings for their extensions

I have a client who wants to have his sales people be able to listen to their own call recordings.

I have come up with two possible options:

UCP is the ideal solution as each sales person can log in with their own extension and then view and listen to their own calls from there. The issue with this is that the client does a lot of paging and internal calling, and all those calls show up in UCP as well. This causes UCP to take around 2-5 minutes just to load one page, and because it’s so slow, the client refuses this option.

Call Recordings module would resolve the slowness issue, but even if I give the users access only to the Call Recordings module, they can view calls for all extensions, which wouldn’t sit well with the client.

Open to recommendations or suggestions.

So yea, UCP sucks after a while because of how long it takes to load the cdrs. UCP is the correct answer here but what you probably want to do is go back purge old call records so that they don’t load in the UCP.

It sucks that this seems to be the only answer for this and is not a setting that can be adjusted to improve the performance of the UCP for individual users, it really does load all cdrs for the relevant extension at all times whenever you try and load it and performance really suffers.

What’s the best way to purge old calls?

I found the following comment from 2020, is the script you mentioned still the best way to do this?

Ha! I completely forgot that I had posted about this and provided the workaround to the community. Yea, we still do this on that phone system. We just setup the thing to run in cron on an interval and they haven’t had any issues since.

I still wish there was an easier way to set a default date range for UCP to pull from instead of the default “Pull all every time the page loads!”

You could use FOP2, where each user would have a login equivalent to their extension, and the users who have the “recordself” permission would listen only their own recordings in the “call recordings” menu option.

FOP2 naturally does not automatically display all recordings on this page, only those that the user records using the action button - but to make this automatic you just need to use a post recording script that takes the recordings (in fact, the path they are in) to the FOP2 database, where whoever has the “all” permission listens to all of them and “recordself” only listens to itself.

I have clients using it this solution to achieve that same goal and the results are very positive, its a nice option

Has fop2 moved that away from app_monitor? Cuz that will be a problem.

Is there any way, from within FreePBX, to remove internal calls from showing in call history?

IIRC FOP2 stills uses the Monitor, PauseMonitor and UnpauseMonitor commands for recordings done by users clicking on the action button

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