Let'sEncrypt certgen issue with firewall enabled

I think the last thread on this is now locked, so I’m reposting.

Just went through an initial LetsEncrypt certgen on a fully updated 10.13.66-22 system. It failed certgen until I disabled the firewall on the Connectivity-Firewall page.

This is at least the fourth system in the last six weeks where this has been the case.

Something is decidedly hinky with the firewall and LetsEncrypt. If someone can give me instructions I will capture logs/data the next time this comes up.

It has been discussed ad nauseam in recent weeks/months. LE validation can come from any host, not just the few recommended to be whitelisted. Video walkthru: Open Source Pro Tips #4 - Setting Up a TLS Cert with Let's Encrypt

Thank you.
I was involved in the conversation a month ago and got other guidance then, as I don’t think it had been entirely resolved. I had not seen the instructions about changing the HTTP Admin port and enabled the other origin points to LetsEncrypt in the firewall.

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