Lets Encrypt Verification Timeout

Over the past week, I started getting alerts that my Let’s Encrypt certificate is expiring which is odd because I’d been relying on auto renewals for a while. I started digging in and realized that the verification was timing out. As for process of elimination, I:

  • disabled the firewall,
  • checked that I can access a test file in the acme-challenge directory from the browser
  • checked that the token is appearing in the directory during the verification process
  • checked the access_log to verify that the Let’s Encrypt validation servers are indeed able to reach the challenge token and receive a 200 response

At this point, I’m not sure what else to do. Is anyone else having this issue?

type “lets encrypt” in the 'magnifying glass" (the help thingy) at the top of this page and see your answer

( which is, yes it’s very broken).

I don’t see anything related to my issue which is why I posted.

Which bit?, perhaps that it’s not working? Well, there is lot’s there related to that, just no definitive solution.

This however works seamlessly

until Sangoma support fixes it :wink:

I found out that Let’s Encrypt added new “remote perspectives” to validate domain ownership. Well some of these “remote perspectives” are outside of the USA, and I was blocking most traffic outside of the USA. Once I disabled this feature, the renewal worked perfectly.

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