Let's Encrypt but do it better

With the upcoming move to FreePBX 17 and finally abandoning RHEL stuff I wonder if people (perhaps @dicko who lives in debian land) have ideas on revamping certman and the lets encrypt tool chain. Perhaps even expanding to other providers. If I remember correctly the Lets encrypt stuff was written in a hotel room at Astricon or other dev conference with a hey wouldn’t this be cool, lets see if we can do it. The code and tool chain has remained pretty consistent since. Perhaps with the move to modern systems we can update the toolchain and make it all better.

Already done for anything that does bash or in my case zsh

been using it for years , rock solid for DNS01 (which for any number of reasons is a better choice) on almost hundreds of name-services, easy hooks for FreePBX console ‘cert’ management , (see my previous posts here and elsewhere for the howtos). Let’s Encrypt available but the default is ZeroSSL which won’t limit your FU’s

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