Less than 24 hours and I have reactivated 3 times

Install > Activate (I bought SysAdmin Pro)
Reboot > Activate Deployment (Found automatically)
Reboot > Activate Deployment (Wont find it and says my deployment is licensed to a different host.)

Ok that is about as quick of a run down as I can give its a very perplexing issue. The installer was downloaded 2 days ago and burned to a USB for install on this little test machine of mine, so its very up to date. I even ran the updates right away after my install.

As an added bonus I cannot see where I can unlink or reassociate the deployment in the portal.

I was able to reset the hardware lock. Now I need to figure out why this happened. Depending on the adapter that comes up first I suppose this could be a reoccurring issue.

It is likely your Mac address is changing. Make sure if you are running dual nics that the same one is always eth0

My default route is now my eth1 and my eth0 just has a couple static routes for inside my network. This kept me from having to fiddle faddle with firewalls etc. I had a spare external IP at my house so I just used it for the phone server. I think it must have been switching back and forth getting confused due to the multiple default gateways.

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