Lenny blacklist mod blacklisting all calls

I installed the lenny blacklist mod this morning, because I wanted blacklisted callers to be sent to my voicemail. I tested by blacklisting my cell phone and calling the number, I got a “person you are trying to reach is unavailable” message and no voicemail prompt.

I was going to try trouble shooting it later, but I go a call from someone saying they were getting the same message. I double check the blacklist for their number and it wasn’t there, I unblacklisted my cell phone and tried calling again and I got the same message. I tried disabling the blacklist mod, but it didn’t make any changes.

On the blacklist mod I had enable redirect checked and the destination as “local/*1000@from-internal” I tried unchecking enable redirect, but I still get the same error. I tried changing the destination to “local/1000@from-internal”, but I still get the same error.

I just want to undo this, but I don’t want to make things worse.

edit: I just reverted back to last nights backup.

Probably not much value in posting here. If you are interested in getting it to work start an issue at:

Include FreePBX version.

thanks, I’ll give it a try.