legacy_sip.cfg does not exist

When I installed the EPM I think something went wrong.
My polycom phones have issues.

  • First, there are no log files in the tftpboot directory.
  • Second, /tftpboot/images/originals was not created (I created it manually)
  • Third, my polycom 601 won’t pick up it’s configuration (firewall is off; polycom 550 has no problem - it does not need legacy_sip.cfg), and I see that it’s macaddress.cfg file gives legacy_sip.cfg as it’s sip.cfg - but that legacy_sip.cfg does not exist in the tftpboot directory. So when I boot the polycom 601, it loads the bootroms just fine, but hangs on an error screen saying “config file error” 0x20
  • I’ve already ran amportal chown and am still having problems.

What can I do to fix this?

First, you need to enable write privileges to the tftpboot process and directory (web search).
Third, have you gone into “Global Settings” and set the common settings and submitted it? This will create the legacy_sip.cfg as it uses settings from that page.

Mr. Dator, yes, I have reset the permissions, and resubmitted the Global Settings (which were, indeed, already set by me) but the legacy_sip.cfg is not created.

So I tried re-installing EPM (to the same version online). That didn’t work.
So I tried reconfirming in Brands under my template the IP601. Neither did that create the legacy_sip.cfg.
Am I right to think that legacy_sip.cfg should be in /tftpboot ?

What I do have, that is strange is:
and aastra.cfg (I’m only using polycoms)

legacy_sip.cfg is a static file (not editable by basefiles). It is located in the EPM modules directory under installs.
You should be able to just copy that file to your tftpboot folder and it should work as is.

I am looking into why it is not copying at install or global settings change.

Hmmm… I looked in /tmp/epm_temp/endpoint but don’t see anything.
Ah, you gave me the path in the irc:
When I copied that to /tftpboot everything began working just like you’d expect.

I completely removed my installation and made a new one with version 12. Mr. lorsungcu thinks the problems came from the upgrade/updating of modules that required verion 12 whilst FreePBX itself was only version 11. Apparently, the modules did not put a halt on the upgrade process when not finding the FreePBX version prerequisite (or something like that).

A fresh install fixed this problem.