Legacy Phone Switch Via FXS Gateway

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a FXS gateway that would supply some dial tone to a Legacy PBX. I see there are many to choose from with a wide range of pricing I was thinking of an Audio Codes MP114. Anyone have good/bad experiences with that or have you another that you highly recommend?

How many lines are there on your legacy PBX

Be careful here, FXS gateway’s don’t provide Dialtone, they provide extensions, FXO gateways do however.

Dicko you may be confused.

FXS provides battery and an audio path (for things like dialtone)
FXO receives battery and when powered is received an audio path.

FXS is what the provider gives you on a POTS line and what he wishes to emulate.

The PBX LINE ports are FXO ports. They need battery from an FXS port. This why configs are “backwards” in Asterisk. You are not configuring for the line you have. You are configuring for the line you are connecting to.

The Sangoma Gateways are Certified to work with FreePBX. If you log into the portal (portal.schmoozecom.com) click on the link for the store and click on the Hardware link and take a look at the Sangoma Vega 50 line, there are various models depending on ho many ports are you needing (assuming between 4-8 for the Vega 50 series).

Well thank you James for letting me know that :slight_smile: and I agree with you, but that would be why he would have to be careful, FXO physical ports use FXS signalling and Vice-versa, FXO is Foreign Exchange Office and FXS is Foreign Exchange Station, he would not be the first person here to buy the wrong hardware by such confusion. As you say it depends exactly from which way you look at the interface, but commonly in PBX language, they will need to see FXO’s (the wires that come out of the wall) to get dialtone.

Thanks for the replies guys - it would be between 4 or 8 lines I just found the Grandstream GXW4008 for in and around $170 in Amazon looks pretty good but I hate making a purchase like this without a recommendation LOL. Those Sangoma gateways are a little more pricey.

The Grandstream models are also available in the portal, although my personal preference is for the Sangoma Gateways…

The Schmooze guys have to be policically correct. I don’t. The Granstream gateways are turds. They run hot, they have cheap analog circuits that sould like crap.

Buy the Sangoma, you won’t be sorry.

Don’t forget if you happen to be a Cisco shop (not toy Cisco small business, real Cisco) you can use Cisco FXS and FXO cards in your router. Cisco routers have a full SIP stack in them. Again for the folks that stumble on this not the consumer stuff, 1900/1800,2800/2900,3900 etc.