Legacy FreePBX Portal authentication seems no more related to this new FreePBX Community portal authentication

I’ve a question regarding the login procedure on the “legacy” (but still valid) FreePBX main portal: before Forum migration to this new Forum (discourse based) platform with the crowd authentication mechanism I was able to authenticate just once (on the FreePBX main portal) and then go - thus authenticated - to Forum, Issues and Wiki portals. Once logged out in one portal I was logged out from all portals (as should be with a single sign on mechanism, I think).

After the Forum migration this behaviour is not true anymore: I must authenticate on the new Forum just to and then, as an authenticated member, I’m able to access Wiki and Issues portals as authenticated memeber too but not the vice versa…if I authenticate first into the FreePBX main portal (like all we were used to do) I can go autheticated yet to Wiki and Issues portals but not to Forum one. Practically I need to authenticate twice (Forum on one side AND Wiki+Issue on the other) each time I want to access two differents portals (Forum OR Wiki, Forum OR Issue) as an authenticated member if first I don’t login into the Forum.

Is this behaviour as you expected?

If Yes…does this mean that every time FIRST we need to authenticate to this new Community Portal (the new Forum) to have access to other portals or what?

FreePBX org will also be changing soon (no timeline) We are migrating from that platform. At this time we cannot tie Discourse in the same way. This will change in the future. Right now Discourse is a completely independent component. We were more focused on successfully pulling 8+ years of data and getting the platform solidly in place before working on integration. Over the coming months everything should align again allowing a persistent sign on.

Thanks! That’s good to know.