Leaving Voice message

Hello, guys.
I’m struggling with this problem quite a while.
I want each one of my callers to be able to leave a voice message for the manager by just dialing an extension without using any real phone, on my end.
Is that possible?
I’m using Elastix 2.5

The manager doesn’t have a real phone?

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Yes you can do this.
Here’s how I do it. I create a ring group, put a dummy extension in the dial box, then put the fail destination to the Voicemailbox of the manager.

So, the users dial 999 on their phone (ringgroup 999).
Ring group dials a dummy number that doesn’t exist (example extension “1”)
This causes it to immediately fail to the destination of your choice, in this case the voicemail box

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no, because the manager is away all the time.

You can do it the easy way.
Create a virtual extension, set voice mail to “yes” and under advanced/optional destinations set the “no answer” field to “Unavail voice mail if enabled”.


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Thanks. it sounds like a great idea but my voicemail has a problem the recorded messages play on by calling *97 but they don’t show up on Voicemails under PBX tab. I manipulate the criteria but it still shows nothing.
do you have a solution for this problem?

i’m not sure i understand your response here.

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I can hear my voicemail by calling *97 on the phone but I can’t access them by the web interface.

The recordings won’t show up on FreePBX GUI.
Use user control panel for that.

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I associated an extension to my username and left a voice message on its Voicemail when I dial *97 it says you have three messages and I can hear them but in user control panel I see this message:
No Voicemail Recordings for Admin

*97 reaches the Voicemail Box of the Extension you are calling from.
*98 would let you access the Voicemail Box you specify.

You won’t see messages from another Voicemail Box in your UCP, you need to add access to whichever Mailboxes you want to access under User management.

Not sure what you mean by no Voicemail Recording for admin, a screenshot would help us understand…