Leave Message if on Hold for too long

I have a customer who want to be able to exit the music on hold if they dont want to wait.

Customer call, receptionist take the line , put on HOLD, Customer dont want to stay on the line, Press a key and go to voicemail.

Does anybody know if its possible?

many options but not easily done using hold. you could use the hold timeout to take the customer to an ivr but they will lose their place in line if they decide to continue to hold. a better way is to use a queue. the receptionist is presented with one call at a time, other callers are automatically kept in the queue and you can create a breakout message which gives them a chance to leave a message or continue to hold

Where can I find the HOLD timeout, the place in the queue is not very important in this case!

In the queues menu;
under the “caller Announcements” tab,
Periodic Announcements…

actually i am no longer sure there is a hold timeout. you might try using parking instead of hold. i know you can set the timeout and what happens on ring back. if the receptionist phone has a couple of free buttons, program one to park, and a couple of others to monitor the first couple of parking slots. the receptionist would press the park button instead of the hold button and one of the buttons monitoring the parking slots will light up. if another call comes in she can again press the park button and another one of the buttons monitoring the parking slots will light up. all she has to do is press the lighted button to pick up the call again. and you can set the time out and what happens when the time out expires.
personally without knowing anything about your business, the “please hold” to me anyhow is a really lousy way to run a business. when people do it to me i hate it. i usually just hang up or say no you can’t put me on hold. just a very impolite way to deal with people. but i know that is how it was done in the old days and many still do it. the queues gives you a much better way to handle things.

The business is a medical center, so the receptionist used the old style : Hello, please hold, when a customer is in front of her.
So if I check your answer its not possible to just put a Timeout on the Hold directly, I need to pass with a queue ?

you can use park instead of hold. that does have a timeout and you can define what happens on the timeout.

I agree with Bob - you can use a parking lot or you can use a queue.

Personally, I’d look into setting up a queue and sending the call from the receptionist to that queue, or send the person straight to the queue from the inbound route. The queue options and dynamics give the customer a lot more flexibility and control over the rest of the choices.