Leastrecent Question

Hello All,

Queue Module v15.0.38

Queue ring strategy leastrecent.
Skip Busy yes + (ringinuse=no)
Autofill = yes

We have extensions logged into the queue, call enters. First extension rings but does not answer. Call does not move to the next agent in line, it continues ringing the first extension until the caller hangs up. Previously it would move to the next agent, however that seems to now be broken. Any tips?

Show a verbose call output of this happening on a call. That will give us some indication of what is happening. Not much has changed with the queues recently.

Least recent has always only called the user that has the oldest date when the last time they answered a call from the queue. I don’t ever remember it working from the oldest to newest in order.

@BlazeStudios will try to get some logs for you.

@tonyclewis any way to get the functionality we are desiring? I know auto-pause is an option, just wondering if there is anything i’m overlooking.


Auto pause is it. Asterisk treats an agent logged in and not on a call or paused as available and it will keep sending to that same agent unless another agent becomes the agent that least recently accepted a call.

Can you live with round robin?

Also, I seem to remember that, if you set a long queue timeout, and the the member actively rejects the call, further agents will be tried in least recent order. Only when the timeout expires will the list of members to call be re-evaluated. The rejection could be the result of a local channel timing out the call to the agent.

Asterisk always builds a full list of available members, in the specified order, but, if the member ring out, no one later in the list will be tried.