Learning the structure

I’d like to get involved with freePBX and have been spending a bit of time learning its structure and trolling here… I’ve pretty well get it, but how the extensions interface is pulled in still confuses me a little bit.

e.g.) For starters (starting simple), where is this page generated from?

Wanting to understand how it worx so I can ‘get under there’ & contribute…
…Just looking for a little direction, thanx!

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Cleaning up dirty code is hard and doesn’t have any immediate returns, but it sure feels good and allows future code to lend substantially.

Having been the head of various organizations, I know how easily we can take for granted the administrative overhead and coordination required to make something like this happen. Few will ever know or appreciate how much those give. Just want to say thanx )

You’ve got mail.

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you are picking one of the more ugly parts of the code to try to understand which is slated for some major changes. The best thing to do if you want to get involved is to drop me an email (philippe at freepbx) with a bit of background on yourself (skill sets and what not), areas that you are interested in (if any specific ones), motivations, etc.

I’m in the process of trying to get more organization around the whole ‘project management’ side of things in figuring out who we have to work on what, where the priorities lie, etc.

make sense? then we can chat or exchange email.