LDAP on non-sangoma Phone

I’m trying to setup a good way for our phones to get a phonebook from our FreePBX server. We have grandstream 2170s. Currently, I use advice from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/freepbx/comments/4ezz06/freepbx_grandstream_directory_automation/. That works ok, but we are considering using the gswave app on some cellphones, and the only way to get a phonebook on those is through LDAP. From reading on the wiki, it looks like that might only work with Sangoma phones. Is it not possible to set that up on other phones? Where would those settings be?

Do I need to setup a seperate ldap server on FreePBX or elsewhere for this to work?

Does anyone have advice on pursuing a solution like this? It seems like this might be what is nescessary for implementing a phonebook into our system.

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