LDAP integration with Asterisk/FreePBX

Hello good morning,

I have been reading about LDAP integration with Asterisk but Im not really sure if it is possible to integrate with FreePBX on a consistent mode.

I have read that you can integrate LDAP with Asterisk using ARA (Asterisk Realtime) but im not sure if this is possible with FreePBX.

If Im not confused when you create an extension from the WebGUI it is created one new entry on sip.conf and another new entry on a FreePBX/Asterisk DB.

If I use LDAP + ARA and on my LDAP DB have:

  • 1001 (Alan)
  • 1002 (Bob)

When I try to sync LDAP with Asterisk what should happen┬┐?

Could I configure the same parameters which I configure from sip.conf using LDAP?

It will create a new entry on the FreePBX/Asterisk DB and then the info. will be showed on the Web Interface?