LDAP Directory for Polycoms using EPM


My client would like to be able to use the directory button on their phones to call in our their organization. They presently have multiple sites (with each site having its own FreePBX box). The FreePBX boxes are interconnected via IAX2 trunk. Their phones consist of Polycoms and Grandstreams. I was able to configure the Grandstreams to utilize LDAP for directory lookups. I was able to do this all through EPM’s base file editor (worked very well).

I would like to do the same for the Polycoms but I’m not sure how to accomplish this task using the base file editor in EPM (or if I am even suppose to use it). I do use EPM to configure the Polycoms. Polycom’s forums show the XML needed to implement this but I’m not sure where to put said code into EPM (if it even goes there).

Anyone with some insight on this mind sharing?

Thanks in advance!

You will have to make your own basefile edits. Polycoms arent 100% supported

Thanks for the information Moodinsk. What basefile would I put it in (of the four)?


Thanks again

I would put it in MAC-features, but ultimately, the way polycoms load their config files it doesnt really matter.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

People that are looking to add this functionality:

I was able to add LDAP (Corporate Directory) to my Polycoms via the Basefile section of EPM. Note that this must be done for each Polycom template you have that you want to have LDAP functionality.

Here is a scrubbed version of the basefile that ultimately made it work.

Also, don’t forget to add this in:

It connects to an Active Directory server and queries the information from there. You can specify how to search by (in our case we used surname (last name), givenname (first name), and telephone (this is the extension or the number you want it to dial) fields in AD.

I highly recommend making the basefile config before you make multiple templates in EPM as each template has its own basefile.

If you run into issues, you will want to set LDAP logging to a verbose level:

As I recall (someone please correct me if I am wrong), but the code for these phones is case sensitive (excluding the value you put in).

Something I found to be of great use was to make sure that I tested the filterPrefix variable in an actual LDAP query on my server. This can be done a few ways and is easy found on Google.

I really help this helps make someone that needs to implement it.

Take Care!

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