LDAP can sync but cannot authenticate UCP

I’m using FreePBX, i created an Openldap Directory and all users was synched to Freepbx.
I can also use pjsip extensions create by autoprovisioning.
When I try to use UCP I am no able to authenticate.
I think the problem is in function checkCredentials in the Openldap2.php file.

in the code i can see
$userdn = !empty($this->config[‘userdn’]) ? $this->config[‘userdn’].",".$this->config[‘basedn’] : $this->config[‘basedn’];
$res = $this->provider->auth()->attempt($this->config[‘usernameattr’]."=".$username.",".$userdn, $password);

But IMHO there is an error, If i specify uid as usernameattr it will never match userna+userdn.
i tried to modify the code but i had no success.

Can you help me ?

Thank you

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