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Has anyone had any issues with the S series phone displays? I have 6, S705s through out my house and one at a time the LCD screens have started to get somewhat distorted showing mostly vertical lines beginning on the right side of the display. I have 3 phones that have done this now.

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We have also had this ceep up in a small number of phones. Had to replace them.

Just replaced an S705 last week that had this. It was about three years old.

Sounds like a flaw in the design. Mine are under three and all starting to show signs of the screens going bad. I bought S705 because they were wireless. I don’t have cables run to each of the upstairs bedrooms. What a shame/waste of money.

Reminds me of something similar years ago, with the old AT&T Merlin MLX phones. Handfuls of them would go “sleepy,” in that the hard keys suddenly wouldn’t do anything. Power cycling the phones accomplished nothing. Couldn’t trace back to a specific line card or card port. Back then I can’t recall if the phones allowed firmware updates, but if they did I’m sure I tried that too without success.

The only remedy was to order replacement units. For some that were maybe 1-2 years old. Years later I learned that replacing the cheap $25 membrane under the cover was the remedy. :rofl:

I was hoping I could fix it with a firmware update but no luck. Started a ticket with Sangoma and basically was told that there isn’t an issue with the phones since they sold thousands of them.

Of the dozen or so we have that are around 3 years old, all but 1 are experiencing this. We’re going with yealink for replacements. Kinda disappointed they don’t last long.

I once bought a s705 for testing. Before that…I just used Cisco phones and so I was completely surprised how bad the Sangoma s705 really was. Maybe there was something wrong with my unit, but the audio (g722) was very poor, the software wasn’t stable and the latency using the phone apps was very high. The display was also very, very poor.
Luckily I bought a Digium D65 too. These phones are great…and now part of Sangoma :wink:

The entire line of S series phones was poorly implemented, IMO.

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Most of my Aastra’s also succumbed, it took them +10 years though :slight_smile:

( . . .there isn’t an issue with the phones since they sold thousands of them . . . WTF! they are all apparently screwed with no warranty !!!)

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