Lazymembers feature on FreePBX

Hi Masters,

I have a doubt regarding lazymembers option, since the page says:
“The option to enable lazy
members in FreePBX requires the use of the FreePBX Commercial VQ Plus
module which enhances FreePBX queues (beyond just this functionality)
and FreePBX Distro with Asterisk 11.11 or higher, which already has this
patch applied.”

This means that the patch is already
applied in Asterisk 11.11 or higher but functionality still not enabled
since you need Commercial VQ Plus module?

The ability to configure this in Asterisk use to be added via patch. There is no need to patch after Asterisk 11.11.

The module configures the feature for you.

Thank you very much for your prompt response.

It is clear to me, so my assumption is that this module is a comercial module that will apply the feature once I have paid for that. Right?

Thank you,

Once licensed the module will generate any configurations it is designed to produce

Thanks a lot sir.