Launch survey at the end of Call answered by the agent

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hi guys,

I need to setup a survey for my Support agent team. Is this possible that I can design a simple survey from 1 to 5 star ratings at the end of the call to an agent.

So that I can get the feedback from the customer against that call.

Need help in implement and developing the appropriate script.

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Here’s a post with some code to do this:

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HI Dickson,

thanks for directing me to this link.

Please check this link and see if you can understand what he is doing.

I need this kind of thing like at the end of the call, call evaluation report will be sent to the supervisor.

Please help me. I am really thankful.

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hi Dickson,

Is there any way that I can use that call that survey after the agent hangs up and automatically customer will be shifted to this survey.
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I ask that you please not tag people like Lorne like that. If they wish to participate in a thread, then they will do so. There’s no need to tag them to get their attention.

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Ok Thanks.

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Agent and Caller post call hangup destination are features of VQ Plus:

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thanks Lgaetz for showing up. and I am sorry if I bother you.
I am using old pbx version 2.11 and there is no module with VQPlus.

Is there any way that i can code it.

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Yes, build your own dial plan and add it to a hook for hang up.

I’d recommend moving to a supported version of the PBX. Beyond feature enchantments, there are numerous security patches.

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