Launch a Survey at the end of the phone call


I have a customer who is interested in launching a 1 question survey at the end of the phone call. We are using Freepbx and need to understand if this has already been done and how I can implement it on my system.


You can do this with the Dynamic Routes module. With it you can prompt the caller for input, store the DTMF to a channel var and then run a script or API to send the result to wherever you need it.

thank you for the reply Igaetz, have you done this before ? or do you know anyone that has ?

Thank you, I am looking for someone with the skills and compabilities of setting this up for me on my freepbx, I just need to know the cost.

It’s a one question survey, it can be very basic it doesnt have to send the result anywhere, it can be a simple as, I can log into freepbx, reporter and view the results, whatever is simplier. If the customer hangs up, so be it, there is no survey recorded for that customer.

Hi I noticed there is a commercial module called Queues Pro (VQ Plus), do you think this will achieve what I want ?

Sangoma support could do this with a couple hours of support credit, @slobera is very knowledgeable with dynroutes.

Thank you Lorne you have been very helpful.

I submitted a request to sangoma several days ago I havent heard anything yet, how responsive is sangoma ?

We do this with Queuemetrics on some campaigns, both for inbound and outbound. Integration required a bit of dial-plan and was done a long time ago, but it’s rather nice to be able to view the status and the recordings and usually an internal QA review on failed calls, all in one place.

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If the calls are queue calls you could use the Queues Pro to route calls to your survey after the call is over in the GUI.

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